Successful Support Gala for Ukraine!

With DuoBergh, Fredrik /Marisol M, Loa Falkman, Leila Sherzai, Vasyl Saschuk, Annika Bjelk!

What a splendid gala it was on the 24th of August at Moriska paviljongen in Malmö, full of an enthusiastic public and a beautiful atmosphere! Not to mention a GREAT surplus from ticket sales Рall sent to the nonprofit organisation Direct Ukraine!

I had the immense pleasure of being part of the organization of it all AND doing the presentations of half of the artists together with my conferencier colleague and friend Fredrik Ekeund/ Marisol M!

Carmen and Musetta at Villa Lunde

2nd of July at 6pm:

OPERASTAR‚≠źÔłŹ time with the iconic operas La Boh√®me in 3D and Carmen in the Opera garden.
Featuring; two of Norway’s best young singers, Lunde’s own baritone Magnus Kjeldal, and sparkling soprano Stina Levvel, the two Swedish star singers Daniel Svenson, known among others from roles at the Gothenburg Opera and Isabel Piganiol, who have delighted audiences for many years. Jakob Zethner with countless productions of La Boh√®me and Carmen on his conscience. The pianist is Anna Valentik, former pianist at the Norwegian Opera. We will have 3D scenography in the hall and the Opera garden will transform into an on-location scene. Welcome to an evening out of the ordinary with the greatest emotions opera can offer!
The bar is open, please bring a picnic basket! Ticket price 350.- U16 150.-
Either at (fee) or order at / phone number 0047.949462 (no fee)